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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A New Direction

Today John had the gamma knife procedure. This procedure was to stop the advance of the tumor. The area where the tumor is heading is radiated to stop it. The process went well, we started at 6am and got back to his dad's house about 2pm. The actual procedure only took 30 minutes, but all the prep took lots longer. The machine that does it is really amazing.

Part of the prep was to do a detailed MRI of John's brain which showed that the tumor was still spreading, the latest treatment was ineffective. The doctor we have met at Hoag Hospital, Dr Christopher Duma is really wonderful, seems to really care and gives a sense of peace with the new direction we believe God is opening. He suggests high dose radiation for the rest of the tumor, it is quite large now, and then follow up with surgery to remove what we hope will be a dead tumor.

As we know, it is all in our Lord's hands, we thank Him for the wonderful doctors He brings into our lives to care and treat John.
~ Blessings, Dawn

Sunday, April 27, 2008

To our Lord be the glory

Tomorrow, April 28 we are heading for Newport Beach Hoag Hospital. Through John's dad we consulted with a doctor there who had a treatment called Gamma Knife Prefexion. It sound like it has promise to be used of God to treat the tumor. The procedure will be on Wed morning. We are praying for God's provision and that this treatment will be used of Him to bring us the victory we have been contending and believing God for.

We once again thank you for the prayers. John's health has deteriorated dramatically over the last couple weeks, and even the last few days. His mobility and speech are very limited. We just wait in expectation, knowing that no matter what, God truly is good and He will turn all to His glory.

Blessings ~ Dawn

Friday, April 04, 2008

A fair bit worse

Well that was how John put it after his brain scan today. I suppose we were not surprised, he has been having some physical symptoms that would indicate this is so. However, this just what we see physically, we are not going to be discouraged.

I was convicted today, through the voice of my hair dresser of all things, that we (our family at least) need to be proclaiming God's word verbally over our family every day. Proclaiming "in Christ" scriptures and not giving ground to the enemy and his attempts to defy the promises of God.

The next step medically from what I understand is for John not to do chemotherapy, but to take some sort of new treatment that is a blocker, which should not make him feel sick. So we will join that treatment with a new battle plan, the active, spoken, powerful word of God.

Relay for Life

Our family is participating in Relay for Life with our church The Way. The youth of The Way have formed a team in honor of John and Chris. We are very blessed by their desire to support our family through this event, which is scheduled for May 3rd in Bakersfield.

If you would like to help support John and Chris through Relay for Life you can do so through the link below.

Youth of the Way Relay for Life

Chris and John each have their own page you can go to also linked in the roster list of The Way team page.

Our Faith

"Our faith will never be stronger than the God we perceive"

I am redoing a study I did last year with the ladies of our church plant. The study "Believing God" was very profound for me last year and as I look over my study book, I am reminded of just how much God spoke to me during it. It also makes me realize how easy it is to have revelation and then with time for the strength of that revelation to fade. The conviction of what I discovered being overshadowed with the weight of the day to day struggles of earthly circumstances.

A couple of key points for me were:
1. All attempts to define God cannot help but minimize Him. God is just to big, awesome, magnificent, majestic...for us to define.
2. God entrusts greater supernatural empowerment to those who believe He is who He says He is.

Lord light that fire of uncompromising faith!!