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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Yep we are still here

I am way over due in updating our blog. For those of you who read it - sorry.

So we have great news to start off with. Last week John had an MRI of the Brain ( I hope a day comes when I do not have to even type those words), the results were very good. Overall there was no change, but the change that was seen was good change, slightly smaller in some respects and the edema (swelling) was less. We were very grateful to our awesome God and to the doctor who had performed the radiation. John is doing well. Some days he is very tired, but we persevere, and in that we see improvement.

Chris is beginning to grow his hair back. The big question is what color will it be and what texture. He is getting ready to see his girlfriend off to Westmont College next week and then He will be off to Cal Poly a couple of weeks later. He is going to be one sad puppy when Emily leaves.

Dan was visiting last week. We really enjoyed having him - he always has a lot of energy and it is just a joy to have all of us together. I look at those time as such blessings. Dan taught us a new trick for our dog Petra. Fun with a laser pointer. It is riot, Petra will chase the laser all our house. I even took the pointer outside in the dark and she runs around like a wild thing, chasing it everywhere. What a great way to exercise her, just stand and point a little light. Its great. Reminded me of those people you see walking their dogs by holding a leash outside the window of the car while moving. Well I don't thing this is quite that bad, but close. However Petra loves it, and we just have to be careful she does not become obsessive.