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Friday, July 31, 2009

As we continue...

For those of you who love and pray for our family, take the time to read about our struggles I guess it is time to post an update.

The last couple of weeks has been very heartbreaking, and especially the last week. Chris is now in a state of constant anxiety and often pain. It is apparent that he is in a place where he can not really share with us what is wrong which has made helping him that much more difficult. We have been trying various ways to relieve his distress, but really to no avail. Without the help of Chris's friends, Phillip and Brooke, I personally would have been lost. They have spent many nights and days watching diligently over Chris and lovingly trying to help him.

As I watch Chris and contemplate how this is where things are, I have to trust God at His word. That He will turn all this to His good, that somehow there will be lasting fruit from Chris's journey and our journey as a family. It is the only way to really begin to make sense of anything. Although it is hard to face, Chris's journey on this earth may be ending and his journey in eternity to begin. One thing that gives some peace is that I know John is there, and will rejoice in having his son with him once again. That this pain and anxiety will be forever gone and his wonderful smile and contagious presence will be full of life once again.

On another note, Dan is soon on his way home from two weeks in Australia. I am very glad he was able to make this trip, to spend time with friends from Doha days. As we recover from the loss of John and walk through the uncertainty of Chris journey - it is important to be able to feel free to do things that bring us joy in the midst of very trying times.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

49 Today

That is how old John would be today, his 49th birthday. One of the most memorable birthdays I can remember for John was for his 40th in South Africa. That is where the picture above was taken. We were in a wild life preserve when we celebrated it with friends from South Africa. It was a fun day.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Long Time

It has been awhile since I have felt up to blogging. As I sit and spend time trying to think of how or what to say, I look at Chris, laying in bed continuing to struggle. He is such a brave young man, he perseveres through each day with pain, discomfort and anxiety, his hope still intact. I am amazed by his attitude and faith.

The last week has been especially difficult, for some reason swelling in his leg has returned which has caused a lot of pain and his breathing which was improving has become very difficult again making him feel like he is "suffocating". As a mother each day is a challenge, with many hidden tears. I am so grateful for my special friend Rille who comes each day to support and help. God has put many wonderful and special people in our lives that have truly blessed us beyond measure.

Mihaela is off on her mission trip to Guinea. She called today and said they had spent their first day in the village. It will be fun to hear all her stories when she returns. Dan has made his move to Oregon. He sent pictures of his house which has a beautiful backyard, I had forgotten how green everything is in Oregon. He was quite happy to be able to get instate tuition to PCC. It is really nice to have him much closer.