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Thursday, May 31, 2007


It is hard to believe but we no longer have any High School students. Mihaela and Chris graduated last night. It was a wonderful ceremony. There were 551 students who graduated. We are so proud of Mihaela and Chris, it was such a wonderful moment as they stepped across and recieved their diplomas. Two of the highlights were when Lily gave her speech, it was funny and well Lily, bigger than life and louder than loud. The other was when the entire graduation class stood up and cheered when Chris walked across to get his diploma. It was a moment that was so beautiful, just seeing the love and heart of these students for Chris. It felt like the Lord was smiling down and using these students to share His heart, His love, in abundance.

I hope these students know just how unique they are and how much they have blessed our family. It is memory that will never be forgotten.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Our Graduate Mihaela

With all that has been going on in our family we wanted to honor Mihaela in a special way. We hope you enjoy this tribute to her and how proud we are of her. This is published on our local paper website and will possibly be published in the paper.

Mihaela, we love you and are very proud of you.

Mom and Dad


Friday, May 11, 2007

Exercising and The Walton's

So a few weeks ago we finally had an elliptical striding machine delivered. With all that has been going on we decided that it would be best to just get a low impact piece of equipment to do at home. I have been trying to use it in the mornings, which has turned out to be an amazing time of revelation from the Lord.

You are probably going to laugh but while I am using the machine I have been watching the old serial program The Waltons, and sometime Little House on the Praire. This morning as I watched The Walton's it actually made me cry. When you think of these programs today most people would say they were cheesy, but I have seen how our culture used to embrace things of God. As I look back I realize that these shows where God's way of introducing himself to me.

Let me explain. Today most sociologist would say that media reflects the moral values of a culture, sometime to the extreme, but they are a reflection of our values and often are in advance of those values changing. Today the most popular show is Grey's Anatomy, which in my opinion is a very sad reflection of our changing morals when it comes to relationships, sex, commitment, marriage and just about everything we used to value as pure. We are entertained by the immorality.

As I watch The Waltons, I am struck with how this show which I remember watching as a teenager, reflects a time when family was of highest value, a father was the head of the home, a wife was respected and she nurtured her children. I know that not every family was like this, but at least media reflected that this was something to desire and strive for. The show hits on some tough moral and cultural dilemmas, like racism, and the begins of WWII, the depression. alcoholism etc.. but in the midst is faith. No matter the crisis, they know to pray and they know to love.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to showing Christ to Muslims is that they see America as a reflection of who Christians are and what they value. They do not differentiate between entertainment and our culture. When they see the shows we watch, they rightfully wonder "What do these Christians value?" The truth of what the enemy has stolen is reflected by the opinion of those looking in. When I compare these two shows I realize the enemy has stolen a lot and we need to claim it back.

"Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your brothers, your sons, and your daughters, your wives and your homes." Nehemiah 4;14

Monday, May 07, 2007


Ok, so today John is having his chemotherapy. After getting him settled I had to come back home to pick up something that belongs to CBCC, I decided to stop on the way back to get John some bagels and Jamba Juice. All was going well until I went to park the car (mommy car van) for the Jamba Juice, suddenly the car would not steer. Dead steering. I had just had the steering fixed so that made no sense. I shut the car off and restarted thinking maybe it would change it's mind and would work. Nope, nada. Well I was stuck, what to do? I called John and announced "we have a problem", then I tried to call a couple of friends to see if they could come and take me home to get the other car, the one that works, the one that always works because it is a much nicer car. No bitterness. Anyway of course no one was home. So off I started walking, it is a long way from the Market Place to my house. But I did have some observations along the way.
1. I am really out of shape.
2. I do not know enough people, otherwise I could have found a ride.
3. I do not know enough people, otherwise I would have seen someone I know while walking who could have given me a ride.
4. There are great shade trees along Ming, I needed them, it was getting hot
5. It is a long way from the Market Place to my house.
6. There are shoes good for walking, I did not have them on.
7. Seven Oaks golf course is very pretty
8. Purses full of junk get heavy, mine was killing my shoulder.

After I got home and got the car that never would think of breaking down, it is far to sophisticated for that. I decided to time the trip. It took me an hour to walk to my house and 8 minutes to drive back to the Market Place. You know what? It is a long ways from the Market Place to my house when you are walking.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

RFL & The Prom

Relay for Life

Yesterday we went to the opening ceremony for the Relay for Life, it was the most humbling experience. They have all the survivors do a lap around the grounds. Everyone who is a survivor wears a purple t-shirt, and before they began they released butterflies into the air. It was very moving as a couple thousand survivors walked around with family and friends cheering them on.

We met another young lady who had osteosarcoma also. she looked great,and was 3 years out from the treatment. Such an encouragement to see her.

John and I returned last night to see luminaries lit, people could purchase them in memory or in honor of someone. They lined the entire lap area on both sides, they turned the light out and just the luminaries were lite. It was a sober moment.

Ok now for Prom, here are some before pictures, and If I do say so they all looked stunning, Mihaela looked like a princess and Chris was very handsome.

Chris and Emily

Mihaela and Chris

Mihaela and MJ

First of course we had to take photo's, then Chris and Emily were picked up by a stretch Excursion which was rented with some friends, it was the longest thing I had ever seen.

Miheala and MJ went out to dinner separately. They had a great time, the highlight was when Chris was crowned Prom King. He had no idea that he was nominated. When they called for cheers for each nominee, the whole place cheered for him and chanted "Champion". He wasn't able to do the traditional King and Queen dance, sorry to Katherine Haddad. What a blessing for Chris, just to be shown so much support. He came home with his crown, yes they give a velvet crown, and showed it to us. Next year he has to go to the prom to crown the next king. Should be lots of fun.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Bakersfield Californian

Here is the link to an article about Chris and John published in the Bakersfield Californian. Thank you Mr Price for taking the time to write the article.


Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thank you Lord

One of the greatest feelings is to see the reality of God's word come to pass. Today John went down to LA to have the scans on his head. It was the first scans since he started the new type of Chemotherapy. The scans were excellent, it is hard to even put into words how much joy it gives to trust God and to see Him come through in such an awesome way. Thanks you Lord, may Your name be glorified!!

Chris is almost finished with his two weeks of treatment. He is doing well, it always makes him tired, but he is sustained through our amazing creator. He was interviewed for an article in the Bakersfield Californian today. We think the article may be in Fridays paper, if so I will put a link to it.

Saturday is Relay for Life, thanks to everyone who has given so generously in support. Saturday is also Prom for Chris and Miheala, Photo's to follow of course.