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Monday, April 23, 2007

Relay for Life

It has been a blessed last couple of weeks. Our family has been feeling well, we give all praise to our God for sustaining us.

Chris has officially accepted Cal Poly as the school he will attend in the Fall. He and John went to visit at open house this last Saturday. They had fun and checked out the campus housing. Miheala is busy getting herself sorted out for attending Bakersfield College. Hard to believe they will graduate in about 1 month.

John and Chris will both be participating in Relay for Life on May 5th. This is a fund raising event for cancer research. I have put their link below and hope that you might consider supporting them as they participate in this event. John participated last year, who would have guessed that this year he would be doing it with Chris?


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Shall we Dance?

Well I am sure he is not ready for that, but Chris has been cleared to begin putting full weight on his leg. Praise the Lord!! It is truly God's healing that will bring Chris's leg back to complete restoration. He had an MRI of the leg also, and the report is that it looks good. It is hard to read because of the after effects of the titanium on the scan. Modern medicine is pretty amazing although I do wish to just read about it and not experience it, if you know what I mean.

See you in Heaven

Every so often there are unique people who touch your life, sometimes for just a brief time. That was true of a beautiful lady named Kathy Munt. I met her a couple of times over the years and then more in the last few months. She encouraged me many times through her prayers and total trust in our Lord. She went to be with our awesome God yesterday, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to have known her on this earth and to know that she will be one of those I know when it is my turn to be with our God for eternity.

One of the first times I experienced her kind heart was being at the Cancer Center with Chris, she was there also, she left and returned later with a bag of energy and protein drinks for Chris. He was having a hard time, it was the first time he did his Chemo. She had her own health issues and went out of her way to bless us, it was a beautiful act that touched our hearts.

She had on this earth a peaceful spirit that loved the Lord. She trusted Him and was a demonstration of that to all who knew her. We will miss you here Kathy, but look forward to being with you in Heaven.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Appreciate each Day

The last two weeks have gone well considering, it is amazing how the Lord gives us strength for each day and you look back and see that without Him, well you don't know how you could have made it.

Mihaela went on a girls retreat for a couple of night during the Spring Break, she had a wonderful time. She took some pictures with her camera and we can see that she has an eye for capturing life in motion. You can see her pictures on her myspace, which I will get a link to on our blog sidebar.

Chris had of course his chemo, but he came through it feeling pretty good. A bummer of a way to spend the Spring Break, but he had a good attitude. John did his treatment on Friday and this time was not nearly as wiped out, which was an answer to our prayers. He is fatigued but still going to work. God just keeps giving all of us what we need moment by moment.

It is wonderful to be able to see each day in a different light. We are just grateful for the opportunity to enjoy life and for today, for now to know that we being sustained by the great Creator.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Marine Memorial

A family from our Church sent this very moving tribute to our Marines. Their son is going into the Marines when he graduates in May. I am so humbled when I am reminded of all that our young men are sacrificing. It puts our adversity into perspective. May we allow our God to remind us daily to lift up these brave men and the Lord to protect them continuously.

Take a moment to honor them through this tribute:

Blessings, Dawn

Oh Yah, check out Chris's blog, he had a GREAT weekend!!