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Monday, December 03, 2007

Be Still

This was posted on a friends blog, just watching it calmed my spirit.

Taiwan Toilet Restaurant

A friend sent this to me in an e-mail, it was to good not to post.

Have you ever been sitting in a restaurant and wondered: “Gee, why do they place toilets in a separate room?” Or … when taking time away from dinner to dispose of some hazardous waste, have you thought: “I’d much rather eat in here, how homey!” Well, if you are among the 3 non-institutionalized people who have thought this, now there’s a restaurant for you:

Yes, those are toilets IN the restaurant. Bowls are also shaped like toilets, dessert dishes like bidets/urinals, and dessert itself is … well, let’s just say it’s shaped like something you wouldn’t want to leave in the goat feeder for long. Apparently Japan doesn’t hold a monopoly on Asian zaniness. Here’s a few other pictures:

Showers on the wall? They didn’t miss a detail::

Toilet bowl ice cream, hmmm …

Hopefully they cleaned the sinks first

Apparently the first Taiwanese Toilet Bowl Rrestaurant was so popular that they opened a second one … who knows, maybe this will become the next big global franchise. 10 years from now, instead of visiting the Golden Arches, you might just be stopping into the Poo Poo Palace!