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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It's all in God's Hands

Need a little reality check, this will bring a little perspective. May we always remember those who are serving so far away. This last Sunday one of our pastors gave a testimony of how his son, serving in Iraq, had the Humvee behind him attacked by a car bomb. God saved them all, windows were blown out but non were severely hurt. God is so good. We thank you Lord when your mercy is so obviously poured out. May we be obedient whether we agree or not with the war, to lift our soldiers up and pray your divine protection over them.


Saturday, March 24, 2007

Trials of many kinds

My heart is heavy as I ask for this prayer request. I know so many have been lifting us up in your prayers and I hope you have not grown weary.

This week we had two doctors appointments, the first was for Chris. His appointment went well. His leg looks good and he will be able to start walking on it in a couple of weeks. He has to wait the full 3 months.

The second appointment was for John and his bi-monthly brain scan. This appointment revealed that the tumor that was removed last June has come back. It is small less than 1/2 inch, but of course we were not expecting this news. I truly believed that God had done his healing work on John, and am still believing that that truth will become evident in time. It was and is a hard new trial though. John began a new chemo treatment yesterday, Friday, that replaces the previous one.

We ask for your continued prayers, that we would through all this continue to completely trust our God, find our hope in Him alone. That John would continue to be healed by the power of our mighty God.

I think of the persistent widow who asks for Justice from her adversaries. Jesus told us to pray like this widow. Our family is going to keep praying for justice from this adversary, God is good and He is on His throne.

Thanks for your prayers, please do not hesitate to comment back, it greatly encourages us.

Blessings, Dawn

Monday, March 19, 2007

Daffodil Day

Today Chris received almost 200 Daffodil's from students and teachers at school. Chris had to wheel around with 3 big baskets of flowers. It was a fund raiser for the American Cancer Society and you could buy Daffodil's in honor of someone. Our High School won the highest number purchased. Wow, many of the flowers came with personal cards from those who bought them. What a beautiful blessing for Chris.

I now have 4 big vases full of Daffodil's. Looks like spring in the house.

Friday, March 16, 2007

18th Birthday

Today is Chris's 18th Birthday.
Wow it means all our kids are now officially adults. Here are a couple of fun photos to see how they have grown into beautiful adults that we are so proud of.

Dan, Mihaela and Chris, you have made us so proud. You are truly the joy of our hearts. We love you so much, Love Mom and Dad.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Great Friends

As I was home all day alone today I spent some time cleaning up my e-mails. I never think to delete e-mails I have read so I end up with lots and lots of old e-mails. But as I was going through them I saved all the ones that have to do with praying first for John and later for Chris. I was overwhelmed with all the wonderful friends who have prayed for us and especially all that God has spoken through the voice of these wonderful people. I probably have not responded at times to what has been sent, but as I look I can see the thread of God's love coming through and especially the answer to so many prayers and reassurance through many tears that God truly does love us.

So thanks to all of you - It is a beautiful "journal" of God's faithfulness.

Blessings, Dawn

I Choose ...

Hazy (Spoken Word by Gabriel Lawrence)

Things are hazy and like life I live a dream
Knowing right to be wrong and wrong to be life
I fight
Whether there are many or few
I fight
Frustrated and complacent not knowing to turn left or right
I fight
Confused by the bright colors of battle
Changing spaces from boy to man I stand
Not settling for a life that has taken me
Neither songs nor alms but actions with purpose will take my breath

My breath tells me there's more to it
I have choices choices choices and decisions
That will shake me free
I want life abundantly
Abundantly living life through sacrifices that open doors to Awe
I want to breath a sweeter life than chocolate or strawberries
Or strawberries covered by chocolate
I want not to focus on trying to substitute my breath
With guilty pleasures
But rather supplying my inhaler with Awe

Choices choices choices and decisions
Which allow collisions to create beautiful master pieces fueled by purpose

You see we are born and then we die
But somewhere in between we live
Submersed by choices choices choices and decisions
That often times can't be made in mind but heart
And somewhere between soul and spirit we breath
Until we reflect Awe
In Awe I will give life the greatest most like sweetest adventure

I choose to live life

And even if it's hazy I choose to breath in Awe
I choose to chase daylight until it isn't a savings time
But the remainder of a life well spent
Awe yeah

Now I can see

Monday, March 12, 2007

Back at School

Chris finished his week of Chemo last week, it was such a blessing as he did very well on it. It was suppose to be a difficult combination of drugs, but praise God for His faithfulness, Chris overall has felt well, just fatigued. He went to school today and although I am sure he will be exhausted I know he is happy to be there with his friends.

God has been so good to us. His mighty power is what makes each day such a joy to live. I have a couple of prayer requests beyond our family.

1. For a dear lady Kathy who also has cancer, that God would completely restore her body. She has been suffering greatly and we pray for God to redeem her to her family as whole in body and spirit.
2. For my neighbor, Jim who I just spoke to and has bladder/prostate cancer. I am sick of this disease. May God use this to bring Jim to himself.
3. For another neighbor who has a disease called Huntington's Chorea, a debilitating disease that will claim her life early if God does not intervene. She has triplet daughters and a son. May God do what only He can do, heal that which man can not.

Thanks for your prayers, we cherish them.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Portrait of God's Peace

A friend sent this to and I wanted to share it with those who need to believe God, and need to know that He truly is in control and has a plan far above our understanding to Glorify His name. I pray you are encouraged in whatever circumstance you need to trust God for. Thanks Susan, this was wonderful. God's word speaks!!

Portrait of Peace - John 11

How did Christ feel about Mary, Martha and Lazarus?
He loved them.

Which action of Christ seemed inconsistent with that love?
He didn't go to help them "in time."

Why was Lazarus sick? (Verse 4.)
For Gods Glory

Why did Christ apparently wait several more days before returning?
To prove to them who He was, and what God could do. To demonstrate Gods Glory.

For whose sake was Christ glad He was not there before Lazarus died?
He said, "For YOUR sake, so that you may believe."

How long had Lazarus been in the tomb?
4 days

What happened during those 4 days? (Verse 19)
Friends and relatives had gathered. (There was a crowd there to see.)

How did both Mary and Martha react to Christ's absence (21, 32)
They didn't understand His Timing.

What is the guaranteed outcome of "believing" God. (V 40)
Things will work out.

What effect did Lazarus resurrection ultimately have in the circumstances which surrounded the life of Christ (v 45-48, 57)
Many believed when they saw what Jesus did. However then they told the authorities, who then decided to go arrest Jesus.
That seemed like a bad thing, too, but actually it was in GODS perfect timing, and according to Gods Plan.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Wycliffe Dinner Theater

God I want to thank you for your many blessings. Last week you sustained Chris and the rest of our family, help us not to take your provision for granted. It is hard to not always be asking for something, but I do want to acknowledge the Lord's hand in everything we do and experience.

Last night I went to a presentation by the Wycliffe Bible translators Dinner Theater. It was very enlightening to watch and it humbled me as to the task these dedicated people commit their lives to. They said that God's word has not been translated into over 2500 heart languages. Wow!! Makes me wish I was better at languages, but I pretty much failed at German in College, only passed by the grace of the teacher.

I would encourage you to take a look at their website, if for no other reason then to just be aware of those who are actively trying to fulfill the great commission of making God's word available to every tribe and nation.


Chris is on his second week of Chemo, he starts a new treatment with new types of Chemo. We are praying for his body to continue to be completely healed, that the treatment will not cause him to be sick and that his bladder will be protected, (this chemo can cause bladder damage). Last week he did well, he felt great on the weekend and did a Lord of the Rings marathon with some of his friends. Yikes that takes almost 12 hours to do all 3 movies. They started with the extended versions and realized that would take forever.

Thanks for your continued prayers, blessings, Dawn