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Monday, October 13, 2008

Is really October?

How do the days go by so quickly? One minute it is the middle of summer, the next the pool is to cold to swim in. Life truly is short, and trying to keep up a blog really makes that even more obvious.

Lots has happened the last 6 or so weeks. Not sure where to begin. Lets see, Chris is off at Cal Poly. He is extremely happy there, evident by the fact we hardly ever hear from him. But we are so happy to see him there, giving God the praise for His mercy and grace over Chris's life. Chris did call a couple days ago wanting to know how to make "Gumbo". If I do say so I make awesome gumbo, so it was a pleasure to share the recipe with him.

John had been doing very well, until a couple weeks ago. He unfortunately had a seizure. This is the first one since the initial one a couple years ago when we discovered his brain tumor. It was a total shock but we believe it was the result of to much caffeine. Usually John is very careful about drinking coffee, but this day he had not only a couple cups of home brew, but then a grande of Starbucks. To much for his recovering brain. The result was an ambulance trip to the hospital, overnight stay and worse of all some significant set backs in how well he was doing. The good thing is that over the last couple of weeks many of the set backs are coming right again. A MRI scan showed the tumor is stable, which was a huge praise. So John is keeping a smile on his face, listening to the bible on his IPod and continuing to trust God for His provision and restoration.

The sunday before John had this seizure, he had spoke before our church about how he had felt discouraged and at times tired of the fight. But he had realized that it was not about him but about God. I believe the enemy came to steal that testimony, but God is restoring John and the testimony is even stronger. God will bring the victory - His name is to be exalted and He turns bad things into good things for His glory.

This last weekend was the Ladies Retreat for our church. Last year I was privledged to share but was unable to attend this year. However, I was prompted, by the Lord, to think about the teaching I shared and as I did God really spoke to me. So much has happened in the last year, and my message at the retreat was really about how we can believe and trust the promises of God. I realized that everything I had taught on I was challenged on through out this last year. I can see that as hard as it has been, and it has at times been heart wrenching, God has proven Himself trustworthy and true to His word. At times it has not seemed so, but today John is still with us, and Chris is back at Cal Poly. God has been true to His promises, we have been challenged on every side, and at times our faith has been very small, and at times I have forgotten my own words that I shared. But praise the Lord, He has not forgotten His word and it stands ever true.