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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Making progress

Chris just completed his second time of Physical Therapy today, he did it with almost no pain medication, so he is doing really good. He still can't move his left leg without help, but that is just a matter of the muscles being able to start working again and of course some healing, so right now he is using a walker. They have to find one special since he is so tall. Funny nothing here is made for tall people, even the bed is barely long enough.

We are hoping to be out of here by Friday, but there is no word on that from the doctor. We are just wishfully thinking. John has been staying in the room each night with Chris and his sleeping has gotten better. So although the process is slow, we thank the Lord for each success.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Up for the First Time

Well Chris got up out of bed for the first time. It was extremely painful, and on top of it he ran out of the pain killer just as they began. Which did not make the event any easier, but we praise you Lord, he was able to stand up. He will be exercising his leg during the day and then they will get him up again tomorrow.

Chris is doing very well, he slept pretty good last night which was a huge blessing. Many of his friends came to visit yesterday, which was such an encouragement to him. Even though he did not feel that great and was not his usual social self, he was obviously happy to just listen to the various conversations going on around him. The one unfortunate thing was one group coming from Cal Poly got into a car accident, praise you Lord that none of the boys were hurt, but they could not continue on to visit.

Chris surgeon also came by last night and seemed very pleased. It was nice to see him and again hear how the Lord really did orchestrate some amazing things during the operation. He even said a doctor who was there from UCLA was impressed with how the procedure went. We know that was due to our amazing Lord's intervention on behalf of all of you who have prayed for Chris.
Blessings, ~ Dawn

Saturday, January 26, 2008

11 hours

11 hours is how long Chris was in surgery. but praise God, He truly answered the prayers of all of you. The first 7 hours was doing the knee. There was concern that there may be cancer on the femur prosthetic, but praise our God, it was clear. The knee was replaced and all looked good. The next 4 hours was taking out the lymph node. This turned out to be a bit complicated, the femoral artery was being pushed by the enlarged lymph node, so the surgeon had to do a patch, which ment he had to cut the artery and patch it with a vessel from another location. It "just so happened" that the best vascular surgeon in the hospital was next door, just getting ready to do a surgery. He was just getting ready to start, when they realized the situation with Chris. He was available at the exact time he was needed. God's complete provision. Unknown to us, there was concern that the cancer had invaded the vascular system. Praise God this was not so. We are so filled with joy in the Lord's provision. All the concerns were obliterated under the mighty hand of our God. We truly believe it was the prayers of all of you, His saints, that moved the hand of God. What a testimony to the power of prayer. We hope you are all encouraged in your faith knowing it truly was your obedience to pray that brought God's help to us. We have no doubt about that!

The surgeon, himself a believer listens to Christian music while he does his surgery. He himself said that the many miraculous things happened during the surgery. He was obviously pleased when he finished.

Right now Chris is in a lot of pain. But he looks good, it will take some time but we know God is healing his body as we speak. We covet your continued prayers for complete healing, especially no infection - always a concern with such a big surgery.

We will continue to keep you updated. Praise the Lord! He is GOOD!!!
Blessings ~ The Champions - all of us

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Prayer and Fasting Warfare

I invite those who are able to join us in fasting on Friday, the 25th during Chris' surgery. As I was seeking God for His comfort I was led to read in 2 Chronicles 20:1-4 how Jehoshaphat when he was faced with a vast army coming to destroy him, he called upon all of Judah to pray and fast for God's help. We need God's help! We are in a battle that is spiritual and a corporate group of people who come together in fasting and praying is a powerful spiritual weapon. We need to break the hold of the enemy over this situation.

Some Key prayer points:
1. That Chris' leg would not be removed! I believe his "feet" are to be used to spread the gospel of peace. Chris is a servant of the Lord - not to be maimed by the enemy.
2. That the lymph node would be easily removed. The femur would be clear of any cancer and the remaining bone removed easily. All cancer would be removed, completely and forever more.
3. Strength - the surgery is scheduled to last 8 hours.
4. That in all God would be glorified, VICTORY, VICTORY!

Father God, ruler over all the earth, We come to You, humbling ourselves before Your throne. You are great and mighty, clothed in splendor, sitting high above all creation. We bless your name, the Name above all names. We confess our sins against You and Your Word, and we cry out to You for forgiveness, cleansing, and mercy. Lord, our prayer is that You will bring the victory in the middle of our battle. We trust You and You alone to fight for us. We fast and pray to hear Your voice, acknowledging that you along can win the victory for us. There is no other God besides You, who hold the world in His hands. So Lord, we put our faith and our trust in You. In Jesus' Name.

Monday, January 21, 2008


It is funny, in the Fall when we took Chris to Cal Poly we were sad, sad knowing we would miss him, but at the same time excited for him as he embarked on a whole new phase of his life. That made bring him home yesterday that much sadder. It was so difficult packing his room and seeing him say "goodbye" to the wonderful friends he had made. Not fair really, but then we are learning that life in this world just isn't fair. Praise God we can look with eternal perspective, although that was little help yesterday when our emotions were barely in check.

Chris will have the surgery this Friday, the 25th. We ask for your prayers, that Chris would be so completely protected, there would be no surprises and that all cancer would be removed. That the doctors would have the wisdom of God. But especially that we would have total peace of God, trusting Him and not doubting or being fearful. Lord grant that we would be Salt and Light!!

So often I wish we could just see into the future ~ the earthly future. But thankfully the Lord does give us the eternal future. It is already known, may we glorify His name as long as we are here.
Blessings, ~ Dawn

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I am your hope...

As I sat and praying this morning, "I am your hope..." was the overwhelming word I got from our Lord. It has been one of the most unsettling weeks of our life. We knew going into it that there was going to be huge challenges emotionally. It is hard to believe after living through each day that today we can still find joy.

Yesterday, Wednesday, Chris had his doctors appointment. It was filled with disappointment and praise. Disappointment that the cancer has returned, praise that it is not in his lungs and that we will not have to amputate his leg. To get a clear picture it is best to read Chris's blog at www.kooseefoo.com. We are so grateful for the strength that Chris has going into a new challenge. However make no mistake, until the surgery, we will still be contenting for our God to intervene and bring about complete healing. He is Jehovah Rapha

Today, Thursday, John had his appointment, remember I said this is quite the week. Unfortunately the new chemo he was doing over the last month was totally ineffective. So we switch to a new one again. This is of course a big disappointment also, but the praise is that the new chemo is reported to be easier to take. We pray that will be true.

Now for a huge blessing in the midst of all this. First, before Chris went to his appointment, a group of wonderful friends came to pray over Chris. It was a beautiful time of intercession, next several ladies stayed with me almost all day and we prayed in earnest for Chris. And then today, I received a call from a team here in town that want to come and pray over Chris and John for healing. And then later I got a call from one the young people who has been part of our "family" Brooke, she and many of Chris's friends want to do a fast and prayer for Chris tomorrow. I am so humbled that these amazing young people know just where to go on behalf of their brother, to the throne room.

And what is most amazing for me is that in the midst of all this, I do feel the peace of God. I know that Chris and John have a destiny of service to God and that the enemy can not intercept that. So we continue to trust, trust because God is our hope...

~ Dawn

Thursday, January 03, 2008

We wait for the victory

It has been awhile since we have posted. Time just seems to slip away. We are still in the midst of the battle for victory in our family.

Over the last month John has been doing a new type of Chemo, he has had to take pills for 21 days and now has a 7 day break.

The immediate pray need for us is for Chris. During the Christmas break he noticed a lymph node in his groin area had enlarged. There is concern that it is a recurrence of the cancer. We of course are rebuking that and praying for complete restoration. However scans are showing something is not right.

This is discouraging for us, we are struggling to keep our faith strong and believing God for his healing promises. The enemy is certainly trying to fill us with despair. Chris goes to see his surgeon on Jan. 9, where we will get some answers from the doctors perspective and John has his monthly scan on Jan. 10. It will be a stressful week. We covet your prayers, that we would remain steadfast in the Lord, seeking Him with all diligence, would believe Him for the victory and not allow the enemy to steal our joy.

May you be blessed, John and Dawn

Praise the Lord, O my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name.
Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits--
who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases
who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion,
who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's.
Psalm 103: 1-4